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Hatyai Town

June 22, 2012

Hatyai . Songkhla . Thailand

Hatyai is a city in Southern Thailand near the Malaysian border. Hat Yai is the largest city of Songkhla Province, the largest metropolitan area in Southern, and third largest metropolitan area of the country. It is often mistaken as being the capital of the province, but Songkhla is the capital and the center of administration and culture, while Hat Yai is the business center. The two cities are considered as twin cities due to their close connection, and accordingly, Hat Yai and Songkhla form the Greater Hatyai-Songkhla Metropolitan Area. Hat Yai is well known as a shopping destination for both Thais and foreigners. There are numbers of department stores and markets around the city. Kim Yong market on Supasarn Rungsan road and Suntisook Market on Nipat U-tid 1, 2 & 3 roads are among the best-known. Their main products are imported process food, cosmetics, fabrics and electric appliances. The city’s fresh market and fruit market located near the railway. Several smaller fresh market can be seen around the area.



Azman Saad
Creative Photographer
Voice : 013 443 8885/016 410 7960
Mel :
‘Saat Indah Berkekalan’

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